Monday, 13 May 2019


On the weekend I went to the g.i pools. With my cousins we kept on going to the big pool. It was so cold my cousin done a bomb in the pool but then he got in trouble.

I laughed at him so he climb down the ladder then he ask for a race. “I said yes” so we had a race down to the other end of the pool and I won. After that we had to go so we got out of the pool and got changed, then we went to mcdonalds. I ordered big mac combo my cousin ordered a big mac combo to, well we were waiting for our food we went to the park and played tag. My cousin was in, I hid on top of the slide. After that it was time to eat. So I ate my big mac and fries. When we were finish we went to the park again. So we continente playing tag and then she called us Again. For ice cream I got an oreo ice cream and my cousin got an M&M ice cream it was so yum. When we were finish I got  some money from my aunty then my cousin wanted to buy some lollies so” I said yes “so we buyed some lollies My aunty came to my house when we were at my house we played fortnite we took turns at solos. My cousin won a
Solo match .

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