Friday, 30 November 2018

Cave Art Animation

Long long ago people would put drawing on the walls to tell the past when they had fight with eagles and bears and mostly with lions. l think that they have fights with animals every year.

One day a long time ago there was a group of people holding spears. Suddenly three bears came a long and started to attack them. They threw their spears at one bear and the bear died. The other two bears took one person and eat him well the other bears was eating he throw the spears at him the other bear run away but he come back and he come with other bears but the other guy got some more peolpe and they had a big fight, one of the men died because one bear died to and the cave man died and the bear died so it was a one on one the bear run up to him and jump to bite him but the cave man grabbed the spear and push it up his h and he died and every one was happy .the end.