Friday, 29 March 2019

Let The Show Go On by Bernard Beckett


I am going to write about cricket and bowling and bating.

We learned how to play cricket and we learned how to bat and bowl we played some cricket on the field. The game was called non-stop cricket. Our coaches were called Jesse, Benjamin and Charlie. We went to kiwi sport Thursday afternoons. What I learnt was bating you hold the bat like a v and you time the ball. When it was my turn to bat I hit it so far.

We also learned about bowling to you make your body into a starfish and you throw it but it can’t go past your ear. The other skill was batting when it comes to you you bat it but you bat it behind you. Other skill is when the batter hits the ball up you could catch it and the batter will be out.

I would thank Charlie and Jesse for teaching us cricket and teaching us how to bat and bowl thank you to Mrs Vaafusuaga for bringing them here for us.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Highlight of year five and six camp

Nature: My highlight was when I did the slip and slide because I went all the way to the end on the black slide and it was fun. When I was on the grey slide that was the most challenging slide as two people had to go at the same time, and whoever gets to the end first wins a lollie.
My other highlight was when I was in the kiler zone because when I went under the was spooky and I tripped over in the cave, then I got back out and I kept on going. My worst thing when I was in the killer zone was when I was doing the boardwalk because I fell on top of Zoe and it hurt my head because she had a stick in her hand and I hit my head hard on the stick. The other highlight was when I was doing the bike relays with Mr Jacobson and we needed to zig zag across to the other side then come back.     Out of 10 I would give it 10/10, but sleeping was 7/10 because it was too hot and I couldn’t sleep as I had a headache.

Brendon: My highlight was the killer zone because we got to throw water balloons to the other team,  we waited in four lines to throw the balloons. When it was my turn to throw the water balloons I held my balloon until everyone threw their balloons. I threw my balloon and I almost got the whole team...someone tried to throw a water balloon at me but I ducked down and it got the person behind me. 
At camp we went to the killer zone but before that,  we went to the Pt england beach to go kayaking.   We got to go out to the green channel and back and  we all had a race. After that, me and Vafliu had a bike race with Mia and Eva so we raced to the point and back and we beat them back.  The best part of camp was the concert night because the BEST DANCE won! The worst part of camp for me was walking to the beach and back because it was so far!!!

Camp was a highlight of our learning journey at PES so far...what is yours?

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Where would I take my family?

I would take my family to burger king I would order a king box or a Mr whoopee. When we were eating our food my sister wanted to play basketball I said after I finish eating so I eat my food and we went to play basketball. I dunked on my little sister and I block her but she got a point and then my older brother came and played.