Friday, 26 August 2016

Valerie adams

Valerie Adams is an awesome New Zealand champion at the shot put. She wins the silver medal in Rio. USA come 1# but Valerie Adams tried her best.  She is 31 years old and she is a good player and she is a very nice, amazing and great and fun. She never gives up on one and she lost to be the best player now she is a very good and amazing 2# player now.  I hope that she comes 1#.  I will believe in her and she past 20 metres she has to throw a heavy ball.  She had to throw 3 balls at a time one by one.


  1. malolelei Brendon, I like your drawing that you drew about the podium america is a hard working country i think they deserve to win but at lest we got some medals. Who is your favourite Olympian and why?

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  3. Talofa Lava Brendon! I like how you drew the podium. I also enjoyed reading your peice of writing about Valerie Adams and how she tried her best at the Olympics in Rio. Would you like to be an Olympic athlete and why?

  4. Malolelei Brendon. Hi my name is Leilani. I'm 10 years old and I go to Ruapotaka school and I'm a year 6 student in Room 10. You have done an amazing job on your writing and what beautiful drawing. Keep up the good work!


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