Friday, 17 November 2017

On the day of the wedding

Last tuesday it was my auntie wedding in australia in Melbourne. I went with My dad, my mum, my sister and nana. We went on a plane to Melbourne l was so excited to see my cousin.

On the day of the wedding, l dressed up in my suit but first l needed to wash myself and dry myself.
The  wedding was  in the hall they were cool werbes and cool lights it was so fancy.
My auntie was soo happy and she looked so beautiful when she went to dance with her dad
The wedding  was so fun. When l was outside my cousin told me to sated on the ground to pushover my cousin she fall on top of me she was very heavy and my cousin run away and l run fast as l could and hide in the trees and l run back inside.

I loved the wedding so much it was funny because l was keep on slipped on the grass because it was so wet. When went outside it was so cool l got to swing on the the on the chairswing it was so cool l almost fell over because it was unstable.

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