Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beach trip

Room 13 went to the beach. We ran to the beach because we were excited. We ran to the cliff to look for some cley hidden in the cliffs. We wanted to get as dirty as possible. I made a big clay ball. I gave it to Gabriel. Caleb threw a clay ball at Jermaine but he side stepped it. Jermaine threw a clay ball at Caleb and it whacked Caleb in the back. Soane came along and said “It’s Maui time!” and then Moui said “I am the real Moui.” we looked for some crabs. We put all the crabs in the bucket and the crabs nipped me on my finger. My finger stung. It was stuck on my finger. I slung it it way back in the sea. It was time to go home. We climbed up the hill and we rolled down the grass to clean the mud off. We walked back to school.

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